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Michelle's Photo Album!

These are my wonderful friends that I have made here at Towson.

Me, Brad, Adam, Tony, Jen, Ian, Katrina, Mike, Michelle

And I can't forget a picture of me with my other half (Jen)

This circle is held together by the of friendship between Brad, Jen, Tony, Michelle, Adam, and me.

Adam, Holly, Tony, Barbara, Brad, Michelle, Becky, Katrina, me, Jen, and Melissa had a blast celebrating Tony's 21st birthday with him!

Tony, Ian, Brad, me, Katrina, and Michelle went to see RENT on Halloween.

This is me at Camden Yards after one of the games Brad took me to.

This is me and my dear friend Adam.

This is me with one of my best friends, Brad, on the day he graduated.

Brad, Tony, and Adam on Halloween. Can you guess what they all are?

Katrina and I kept it simple and went as a farmer and witch to last year's Halloween party.

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