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Michelle's Photo Album!


For two whole days of my Easter Break, I had the privilege to see some of the most beautiful sites in Australia...those along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. I would like to share some of what I saw with you.

The first stop along the Great Ocean Road gave us a wonderful view of the lighthouse. It's so far off the distance though you'll have to enlarge the picture to see it:-)

The next stop was Apollo Bay. We had lunch here and then wandered along the Beach that you can see. Some call this place a little bit of Ireland in Australia.

The Twelve Apostles. This only shows eight of them. There are two more located opposite of where I took the picture and the last two do not exist anymore. As you can see it is an absolutely amazing site.

This is Port Campbell where we ate lunch on the second day of the trip.

This is called the Grotto. You walk down a set of stairs to a calm pool of water and then look out and see the waves crashing upon the rocks.

Here you can see the water on the otherside of the Grotto as the waves crash upon the rocks and then wash back out.

London Bridge is falling down! This rock formation used to be connected to the land and formed two arches. It was known as London Bridge due to the two arches it formed. Ironically though, one of the arches came falling down!

There are 87 steps to climb down to this beach! Off in the distance are the two Apostles that were not pictured in the picture above.

Since we only had two days I was unable to take a picture of the rocks with the sunset but I caught a picture of the sunset through the bus window on our way back to Melbourne.

Well if we are going to see pictures of the Great Ocean Road I thought I should at least include a couple with me in them!

But guess what! The Ocean Road still isn't complete! WE haven't even made it to the Loch Ard Gorge yet!

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