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Baseball Tour 2003
"An Ambitious Trip"

Total Mileage: 1155.06
Quote of the Trip: "Did you know that the color green..."
Lisence Plates Spotted: NE, MD, OH, PA, AZ, IL, IN, MN, OK, WA, MI, WI, DE, TN, FL, NJ, NH, MO, NY, ME, UT, CT, KY, IA, AK, NC, VA, GA, TX, WV, CO, SC, MA, MS, AR, CCA, MT, WY
Protein Source: Gnats fresh from Cleveland, OH

note: click on the team to view pictures from the stadium

Tony and Michelle chillin in the back seat of the car!

Fields, Fields and more Fields! There's not much else to see out the car window in Ohio!