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My Family

This is me at my graduation with my dad (Gary) and my mom (Lisa).

This are my sisters Jen and Amanda helping me get ready for my Junior Prom.

Jen, me, and Amanda at Rocking Horse Ranch.

Amanda and I went to Loch Raven Resevoir when she spent a week with me at Towson.

This is Jade. Her eyes are so cool. They are blue on the bottom and brown on the top. Isn't she pretty?

My baby, Ebony. She is a black cockerspaniel and I love her to death. She has gone blind in her old age, but she is still able to find her favorite toy...a plastic hamburger!

Want to meet a spoiled brat of a dog? Come meet Buffy. We love her to death and spoil her too.

We've had Frisky since she was born. She is a precious cat...but she she doesn't know how to meow.

This is the last in our family of pets. Her name is Puppy...she came with the name...we aren't that weird.

This is me with Peter, Henry, and Emily Robbins. I have been babysitting for them for the past four years, and they have become a surrogate family for me.

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